2012 – May 1st Water levels

2012 – May 1st Water levels
The media have been reporting, albeit with typical cynicism and spin, that recent rains have hardly dented the groundwater deficit following two dry years.   They are right; as shown by this graph of groundwater levels over the last 4 years at Misbourne Farm, N of Chalfont Giles.  You will notice that the groundwater level is now some 11 metres below the river bed, compared with less than 4 metres in 2008 and 2009, and that there is a tiny little upturn of just about 9 inches between the dips on April 1st and today.  More comprehensive results can be found on the website.


However, every little helps ……….. and I admit to being selective of the various dipping locations!  Hopefully, water in the hills will find its way into the valley in some small way over the next few weeks.

As always, there is much to be done to cherish what we do have and, as always, we will probably have to carefully pick just a few tasks to suit the size of our team on the day.
Ideally, we would clear some of the silt and weed downstream of Chalfont Park to improve the habitat, further clearing again through CStP and CStG, heavier work upstream adding to work carried out this week towards Amersham,

 If you are able to join us this  Sunday morning, please let me know and I will send out a suggested work plan by Saturday morning – thanks to those who already have!

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