2012 – April – Spring??

2012 – April – Spring??

From the longest dry spell since XXXX – (your choice), it appears we may have now entered the wettest drought on record: you didn’t know river watching could be this much fun!  It will be interesting to see what the 1st May groundwater and river measurements tell us about the worth of this late recharge.

Last month (31st) our light cherishing of the section from CStP centre towards the Council offices was well timed to complement the new Council funded path in front of the Community Centre.  Hard to believe, but the attached pictures were taken about this time last year at this point

 Workboat on river.jpg Barge traffic.jpg

Our weekday “heavy gang” also dealt with a couple of trees down upstream of the Council Dump – well done guys!   This Thursday, we have our regular “not a meeting” at The Village Hall from 7.45 p.m. when we will catch up on recent events and look ahead to our next  work party on Sunday 6th May.  Please let me know if you expect to be able to join us – there will be plenty to do and just an hour or so is very welcome.

Looking ahead, Chalfont St Peter Feast Day will be 30th June.  Volunteers please for a short session on our stand – even a half hour provides a break for someone.

Rumour has it that a deceased otter was seen by the road somewhere near the M25 viaduct.  If true, this would be an important sighting.  If you have heard or seen anything to support this tale, do let us know.


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