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Scroll down for various graphs showing the Misbourne's health back to 2008 and 1992

240401 Rainfall
240401 Extent of Flow
240401 April GWL AOD
240401 April GWL's

The next batch of graphs compare the past 16 months' groundwater levels with those of other exceptionally wet years.  

After those, the next batch shows dip levels by location for the past 30 years.

18mth CStPeter
18mth Cherry Acre
18mth CStGiles
18mth Misbourne Farm
18mth Bottom Hse Farm
18mth Quarrendon Mill
18mth Am By-Pass
18mth Am Church
18mth Old Rd (d:s Shardeloes)
18mth Mill Hse (Little Miss)
18mth London Road (by Chiltern Hosp)
18mth Miss Abbey
18mth Black Horse
18mth Woodland Park

Graphs below show dip levels for the past 30 years

240401 CStPeter
240401 Cherry Acre
240401 CStGiles
240401 Mis Farm
240401 Btm Hse Fm
240401 Q Mill
240401 Am By-Pass
240401 Am Ch
240401 Old Rd
240401 Mill Hse
240401 London Rd
240401 Miss Abbey
240401 Blk Hse
240401 Wood Park
240401 May Manor
240401 Average
Absolute GWL's by Date