2012 – March Missive

Well, you no longer need MRA to tell you that it has been unusually dry in recent months!  The media is full of this “news”, which you’ve been reading here for a long time.  Let us, at least rejoice that this burst of publicity is again drawing attention to the state of the nation’s rivers and our chalk streams in particular.  Depending on the way you spin the figures, its the worst period since records began, or since 1976, or since  2007: anyway, i very much doubt we will see any sustained flow through the Chalfonts in 2012.  Lots of graphs showing recent groundwater levels and flow data are always available on our website.

One of John Norris’ graphs I came across recently shows a striking picture of the pattern of abstraction from the Misbourne catchment over the last 100 years.  I hope you can see it below but, if not, you should find it as an attachment.


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