2011 – August News (late!)

An excellent turn-out in July – over 30 people – enabled us to cover almost the full stretch from Mill Lane to Chalfont St Peter.  For a while, that effort resulted in a brief return of the river to the CStP Council Offices but the seasonal trend has been such that, within just a couple of days, “the end” had moved back into the field below Water Hall.  (See graphs on the website to get an idea of how low the water table is this year)

As reported last month, Veolia plan to trial the impact of returning 2 Mld (2 million litres per day) to the Misbourne at Amersham, near the Jaguar Garage.  This is part of a long running study between Veolia, Environment Agency and others into ways of improving the balance of abstraction (which we all need so we have water to drink) and flow in the rivers (which we all want to improve the environment in which we live).  The trials comprise 2 days “commissioning” which was carried out between 9th and 11th August, which did result in some noticeable improvement all the way down towards Chalfont St Peter where it was reported that “the end” was briefly advancing by some 2 feet per minute across the field to the tennis courts before the test ended.  A full 4 week trial is scheduled from Tuesday 30th August to Monday 26th September.   However, it is not intended to implement any solution from these studies before the next AMP – 2015 – 2020: all the parties have undertaken to do in this AMP (2010 – 2015) are the studies.  Personally, I am delighted that these authorities are looking at what can be done.

Meanwhile, The Chiltern Society are re-drafting the Lottery Application for lining the sections discussed previously, taking on board feedback on the first draft.

Our next work day is  Sunday 4th September.   Please let me know before the 27th August if you will be able to join us and, if you have a preference, where you would prefer to work.   As always, every little helps – one hour, all day, a.m. or p.m. – all welcome. 

Before then, on Saturday 3rd September we will again have a stand at the Chalfont St Giles Show and look forward to seeing you there plus would be very grateful for offers of assistance in manning the stand for a while.


And, before then,  we will be at The Village Hall pub this Tuesday 23rd August from 7.45 p.m.   Come and join us for a drink and a chat about any or all of the above, or something completely different. 



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