2011 – July – 2nd Bell for MRA Sunday 31 July

With thanks to those who have already let me know regarding our work day this coming Sunday, this reminder that we will be out and about again from 09.30 and need as many workers as possible.

Given the overall lack of rain in the past three years, it is amazing that we have continuous flow through our section of the valley all the way to Chalfont St Peter. There has been no river at all this year from the source at Mobwell through Great Missenden and down to near Little Missenden.  The ground water levels – currently 5m below river bed level at Chalfont St Giles are typically 2 m below last years levels.  In the last couple of weeks though, it is clearly slackening and, if we are to have any chance of maintaining it through to the autumn some urgent maintenance is required.  Basically, this comprises raking aside the fools cress and other weed that is choking various sections between Mill Lane at Chalfont St Giles and Chalfont St Peter and clearing branches and other debris obstructing the flow.  We know from experience that a few people on a section can make a really significant impact surprisingly quickly and our previous work has made the maintenance a lot easier than the original clearance.  However, if we don’t keep at it………………….

We generally start work about 09.30 a.m. but anything goes.  You must expect to get wet and muddy and have some fun.  You are advised to bring good Wellington boots and old clothes.  We have work gloves, Hi-vis, collecting bags and some tools but you may prefer to bring your own heavy duty waterproof gloves, maybe a garden rake and, if you have one, a bill hook.

If you can join us, this Sunday, even if just for an hour, we would love to see you but please don’t just turn up!   Contact me, preferably by e-mail, for further details – so that gangs and sections can be planned and work prioritised.  Ideally we need to field teams of 2, 3 or 4 to each of:
  • Mill Lane to end of Mill Farm
  • from there to back of St Giles Library (need waders)
  • past C St G Pond through to the Church Bridge
  • from Church bridge to the blasted tree (need waders?)
  • from blasted tree to bend before the horse field  (need waders?)
  • from bend through horse field to open field
  • through open field to Water Hall
  • Water Hall through to Cst P tennis courts
  • CStP tennis courts through to allotment bridge
  • Allotment bridge through to Community Centre Bridge
  • Community Centre Bridge through to Garden Club Hut
  • Garden Club Hut to Greyhound


So that is a lot of people needed!!!  If though, you would prefer to work with some friends at another time in the near future and would like to take on one of these sections (or part), that would be wonderful and we’d love to hear from you.


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