2016 – December Disappointment

2016 – December Disappointment

Well, having reached the beginning of November with flow all the way through the Chalfonts, we were really confident that it would continue for the full year despite another year of below average rainfall and groundwater levels. Alas, it was not to be and on 14th November flow ceased in Chalfont St Peter and has remained so except when there has been some short-term storm run-off. As our groundwater dipping team report, “it is difficult to explain because the water table levels are mainly higher at all sites compared with the same time last year when we had continuous flow from downstream of the hospital through to the R. Colne”.

I don’t think it is all because we cancelled our work day in November due to poor weather and my ‘man-flu’. Maybe, we should reconsider the folklore that these ladies believed in January 1939?

hoodoo river_0.jpg

More likely though, it seems that there is a swallow hole just upstream of St Peter’s tennis courts in the area where we normally see springs early in the year, and the water is going in rather than coming out!

Anyway, we can still look forward to enjoying our 9th annual MRA dinner on 15th December – yes, just 9 days away. Thanks to all who have already let me know you are coming but if you haven’t and will be joining us for this convivial evening at The Greyhound, please let me know now – certainly by Saturday. Price is 3 courses for £26.00 or £22.50 for 2 courses. I’ll be sending out menus at the weekend for you to chose or you could take a sneak preview at MRA Dinner Menu Let’s all celebrate the achievements of our first 8 years and give our long suffering spouses and/or friends a treat.

If, unfortunately, you won’t be with us, I take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy and peaceful Christmas time and to send best wishes for the New Year when, as ever, we look forward to seeing you in or by the river

Take care

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