2016 – November Nagging

“And so today to the House of Lords”, as Samuel Pepys might have said. Yes, indeed, the group “SaveStGiles” presented to the HS2 Select Committee our concerns that HS2 construction may risk the fragile river that we cherish through the Chalfonts. Part of the pitch was an appeal for the tunnel to run deeper, below the heavily fractured chalk, and the other was for environmentally sympathetic Bentomat lining for just 200m upstream and downstream of the crossing points. Both arguments were well made but, despite our best nagging, one is very conscious that the huge HS2 empire has very expensive lawyers and very close connections with the Environment Agency team who share their offices. We will see, but we did our best.

We were a bit stretched again last workday – another when the “really sorry I can’t join you this time”’s significantly outnumbered the positives. Nevertheless, we achieved our objective and things are fairly shipshape from Bottom House Farm Lane through to Cherry Acre and again through Chalfont St Peter. We would like to at least have a go at the relatively short, relatively easy outstanding piece between Cherry Acre and CSP on Sunday 20th November Please let me know if you can join us, morning or afternoon.

But Nag No.3, is the big one! Please let me know as soon as you can if you are joining us for dinner at The Greyhound on 15th December. 2 courses £22.50; 3 courses just £26 and always good fun and good value ……….. and a chance to spoil your non-fluvial partner.

After all the nagging, it’s time to celebrate:

we have some flow all the way from Amersham through the Chalfonts for the 4th successive full year despite groundwater levels being generally a metre below 10 year average all year and 12 month rainfall being only some 80% of a normal year.

Affinity Water have reported that they are on track with their programmes to reduce abstraction in the Chilterns and specifically the Misbourne catchment in 2018 and 2020

Our long list of supporters continues to grow and we have had several new and very welcome volunteers join us on workdays in the year

And, I’ve got a House of Lords pen!

Hope to see you on 20 Nov and particularly on 15th December.

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