2016 – August Alerts

It was good that we had a reasonable number of volunteers for our work day on 31st July because we found the river had very nearly disappeared under the jungle of the field just upstream of CSG library. After much hard work it was persuaded to reappear and follow the prescribed route. Now, despite this mainly glorious weather, it has continued to trickle down to CSP and beyond. Another group bravely tackled brambles and nettles downstream of CSP centre………………… a good and satisfying time was had by all!!!

However, before we get too cheerful, please note that our troubles above CSG were probably due to the very low numbers of helpers for our work-days earlier in the year which had meant that this area had not had its relatively quick and easy spring trim. Indeed it seems our efforts so far this year have just, (only just) failed to maintain the progress made over the past years when it really seemed that we had got to a sustainable condition from Amersham to Chalfont Park.

Given such an opening you will be expecting a stern call to arms for the work party pencilled in for 3rd September. Alas, such are the pressures of being retired that it is necessary to reschedule to Saturday 17th September. As usual, we will have a morning session from 09.30 and an afternoon follow on from 1.30 p.m. Our focus is likely to be through CSG centre towards the sheep field, encouraging another year of continuous flow through the valley. Please let me know if you can join us for one or both of these shifts, together with your shoe size for waders if you aren’t sure I already know.

By the way, looking ahead, I can already see a need to also postpone our October frolic from the 8th to the 22nd. One date that remains firm is our 9th Annual MRA Dinner which we hope you have firmly in your diary for Thursday 15th December.

As for news:
You may have seen the articles in the local papers regarding the petition from “Save St Giles” to the House of Lords regarding HS2. The petition can be found at http://www.savestgiles.com/uploads/7/4/7/7/74773905/petition_short_hol.pdf .
Arrangements are in hand for qualified and authorised personnel to deal with a recurrence of Japanese Knotweed at a couple of locations in Chalfont St Peter. Remember there are legal controls regarding this horrible plant. Sister groups, particularly on the River Chess have made good progress with elimination of two other invasive species – Himalayan and Orange Balsam. This year we have had less of a problem than previously and may also be getting somewhere.
One of you recently completed our 1,000th volunteer shift. Over 150 of you have given at least one shift since we began and over 150 of you have yet to do so. If everybody was to do one shift – say 3 hours – every two years, I think we could cope very nicely. Perhaps we can start with a good showing on 17th September?

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