2016 – July Jolly

We hope the more seasonal weather of the past few days has been to your taste.

Not much river news this month. Stands of Japanese knotweed in Chalfont St Peter are a bit of a concern. In 2013, reporting them to EA was sufficient to mobilise trained and licensed teams to treat the problem – with considerable success. However, these days, it appears that EA are unable to respond and I have arranged with other licensed personnel to visit in August. Do remember that tackling it yourself is not appropriate. Arisings have to be disposed of as “hazardous waste” – similar to asbestos. It is illegal to allow it to spread and, because, each little piece can become a new, vigorous, invasive plant wherever it settles, it is pretty well impossible to cut it without thus breaking the law.

If you remember June as particularly wet, you aren’t wrong: 73.4 mm in CSP compared with a 10 year average of about 50 mm, but actually not so exceptional when, only 4 years ago June 2012 yielded 123 mm. And don’t rely too much on the rest of summer as August 2008 gave us a soggy 117 mm so enjoy summer while it lasts. Anyway, one way or another, River Misbourne flows nicely at present in the lower reaches, though interesting to note that the winterbourne flow apparently never reached up to Great Missenden this year.

Our little session on 2nd July was useful and significantly improved flow up and downstream of CSP centre. It would be good to have some more support for our next work party on Sunday 31st July. Key work areas will be through the field immediately above CSG library and a short section outstanding just below CSP centre. Others would, no doubt, benefit from your attention and I’ll add them in if we have enough muscle-power. So, morning or afternoon or both. An hour, a shift, or a day – you decide, (though our preference that particular day is p.m.) Please let me know asap (with your shoe size for waders) if you can join us and I will get back to you during Saturday with arrangements for the day.

Well, that’s all folks! Hope to see you soon by, or in the river

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