2010 – May – Spring is Sprung; the River’s Riz…. I wonder where the fishes iz.

2010 – May – Spring is Sprung; the River’s Riz…. I wonder where the fishes iz.

Great news!  Not only has the Misbourne been flowing under the wooden bridge at Water Hall for the past few days but tonight there was an (optimistic) heron trying its luck by the adjacent pool.

John Norris advises that this is the first time the river has made its way the full distance from Chalfont St Giles to the Chalfont St Peter springs area since 2005.  I hope its good health owes something to all our efforts.   Recently, flow measurements being taken by The Chiltern Society have given the clearest evidence I have seen of losses in the Restoration Project target areas of a) the mill leat and b) the London Road Depot – roughly in the same order as the total flow past Chalfont St Peter Community Centre last week.   There are some anomalies that continue to puzzle me – groundwater levels are lower this year than last and, indeed, this month than last; correlation between rainfall and flow is not obvious etc. yet the flow has strengthened significantly.  We very much appreciate the information passed on by John, Dave Anderson and other Chiltern Society observers – much of which is added to our website as often as I can.  Analysis and discussion continues.

I didn’t do well last month, resulting in the cancellation of our pub chat and late “organisation” of the work day, which undoubtedly lost us some workers on the day.  Nevertheless, we managed some rewarding tidying up and general enhancements.  This month, we will have our “not a meeting” at the Three Pigeons at 7.45 p.m. on Tuesday 18th May and our Work Day, as planned, will be on Sunday 23rd May.  PLEASE let me know if you will be able to join us on 23rd – every little hour is much appreciated.

Both dates in June are a problem for us and the Work Day (27th) clashes with the Village Barbeque following Feast Day on the 26th.  We will discuss options on 18th May and let you know.

Thanks to those who have expressed interest in chain-sawing, brush-cutting, flow measuring, bat-counting, invertebrate surveying etc.  I am passing contacts on and/or replying as relevant.  Meanwhile, speaking of Feast Day, I would love to hear from you if you can help chat with interested parties for just half an hour or so….. please!

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