2010 – April News

So near and yet so far!    With excellent work by the team, including our 3 A-level geography students plus Dave and Ken, working through the woods downstream of Cherry Acre,  we had good flow to Priscilla Cottage by lunchtime on the 28th.  By teatime, we had coaxed the river all the way through Priscilla Cottage and Water Hall grounds.  A few days later, this trickle had become a significant flow extending 50 metres further into the field. A little extra help on the following Saturday brought us within sight of the wooden bridge and, indeed, the marshy ground at the head of the Chalfont St Peter springs beyond.  However, with the last few days of (welcome??) dry weather and, possibly some management of upstream sluices, things have eased back a  bit and the joining of the waters is as elusive as ever – perhaps emphasising the criticality of selected bed repairs

Nevertheless, good flows continue through both villages and also Chalfont St Peter back stream, itself the focus of a massive effort by another group from our near record turnout last month.  It is particularly pleasing to see the river flowing past the area downstream of the Vic Wotton bridge, cleared and planted by Ray and team last year.

Despite equipment problems and some unhelpful weather, efforts have continued to establish a detailed record of flow and losses in the various reaches all the way through the valley downstream of Amersham Church.

As previously advised, April work party will be on Saturday 24th.  At present, it doesn’t seem like a major project day – more a gentle housekeeping exercise, in both villages and between, inevitably some rubbish removal, and a chance to enjoy the river.  If you can be with us, even if just for an hour or so, please let me know and I will put something together and advise details in due course.  There will NOT be a planning/chat this Thursday due to absence of most of the usual attendees.

Now folk, especially the silent majority, we really do need some volunteers to help with the following:

  • manning (or ladying) our stand in conjunction with the Village Appraisal Group at the St Peter Fair on Saturday 26th June – even a half hour stint would be welcomed
  • ditto at Chalfont St Giles County Show on September 4th
  • assisting with flow measuring – the more volunteers we have, the less often each will be called upon for this exercise
  • undertaking surveys of
    • invertebrate life the river
    • bats
    • voles
  • people willing to undertake training in the use of chain saw and/or brush cutter
  • text and pictures of the river in days gone by



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