2014 – January Jumble

I hope you had a lovely holiday and are enjoying a good start to 2014.

The last few weeks’ rain have been reflected by a good rise in the groundwater levels, particularly higher up the valley beyond Amersham and I see that the backstream at CStP has begun to flow again in the last few days.  Last year, it started in February and ran until August – the best since 2010 and good in terms of long term averages.  As usual, various graphs and stats available on our website.

We had some very productive, if small, work parties towards the end of last year.  On 15th December, we worked energetically adjacent to Water Hall and a little way upstream.  That evening we were delighted to see the river flowing again past The Greyhound when we left after a most excellent and much enjoyed 6th Annual Dinner to celebrate our first five full years.   Having clashed with other events on the Wednesday for several years, we plan that this year’s dinner will be on Thursday 11th December – do make a note now!

However, our year begins with a “not a meeting” from 7.45 p.m. on Thursday evening 23rd January at The Greyhound (in the alcove at the small end of the restaurant).  All welcome for a drink and a chat on matters fluvial and otherwise diverse.  No agenda, no minutes.

Our first work party will be on Sunday 26th January commencing 09.30 but hearty welcome extended to anyone able to give an hour or so that day – early afternoon included.
Please let me know if you can join us and, as most locations will require waders, your boot size.  As mentioned our work last year was very productive partly because we are now visiting areas where a clear stony channel has been restored and we just need to stop overgrowth and debris clogging it all back up again.  However, due to lack of numbers we never did manage to clear the second half of the section through the first field below Chalfont St Giles – hence flooding in that field, nor to properly sort the whole of the backstream;  several other areas also warranted more attention.  We do hope you can set aside a few hours to help us this year – please also mention MRA to your friends and  neighbours.  I will try to set out some forward dates in the next bulletin but would be interested to hear from you with regard to preferences for Saturdays or Sundays, mornings or afternoons etc.  

Also in the next bulletin, we hope to have an update on Affinity Water’s submission to Offwat for the period 2015 – 2020 when we look for some long term sustained reduction in abstraction and other important improvements.

I am still chasing the Environment Agency to remove the tree trunk in the river at Chalfont St Giles causing flooding to the footpath – (first reported 2nd December! after we had removed its branches twigs and accumulated debris).  Has anyone else also been onto them?   Please do.

This coming Wednesday morning, 22nd, a few of us will be continuing clearance upstream of Water Hall, including removing a small fallen tree across the stream in the woods.  If any one would like to join us for a couple of hours only from 10.00, please let me or Ray Randle know.  Removing trees has become a bit of a theme – we took out a fair size Christmas Tree yesterday which some kind soul had laid in the river in the centre of CStP!





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