2011 – June Jottings

Our peculiar river continues to flow continuously through the valley but a convincing explanation of how is still elusive!   Certainly, our efforts in May, when the work groups managed to visit almost the whole length from Mill Lane through to Chalfont St Peter centre, will have helped.  The difference between the swampy field N of Chalfont St Giles a few months ago and the clear stream now running through the same field is quite dramatic – congratulations to all who have battled with the deep silt through here.

Now Brian Young has made such a huge difference immediately downstream of Bottom House Farm Lane,  a further onslaught is planned in the next reach, behind Arklow Kennels.   Meanwhile, of course, the weeds continue their fight back so the attractive sight lines at CStP and the cleared route through CStG will, no doubt, need another visit at our next session on 18th June. 

As there was a positive response when it was mentioned before, and subject to continued flow and reasonable weather, we”ll have a picnic and some fun after the working morning on the 18th.  I’m envisaging “bring your own” lunch and gathering near the wooden bridge at, say 1.00 p.m. in the field by Water Hall – parking in The Paddock – pooh sticks, duck race?, rounders?   So, please let me know both if you expect to be able to join the work party on the 18th and/or if you are interested in such a happening (no need to do “A” to join “B”!).

Our invertebrate measurers enjoyed their training day and have begun surveys on the Misbourne with an outing to near the weir downstream of Chalfont Park lake, where they found a healthy range of small life.   Some more detail will be added to the website soon.   The level survey work around the London Road dump has confirmed the perception of an unsatisfactory inconsistent gradient in that reach – something to be addressed if/when the lining proceeds.

We will be at the corner table in The Village Hall Pub this Thursday evening, 9th June, from 7.45 p.m. if you would like to join us for a drink and a chat.  I’m sure topics won’t be exclusively river related but it would be good if we could make some progress with planning and preparing our inputs to:

  • our presence at Chalfont St Peter Feast Day – Saturday June 25th  – evangelists/friendly faces wanted even for just a half hour on the stall please
  • our presentation and presence at the Annual Forum of the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project – Tuesday 28th June (morning)
  • our presentation and exhibition at the VOPAG (Village Older Persons Appraisal Group) Open Meeting – Tuesday July 19th (morning)
  • our presence at Chalfont St Giles Show – Saturday 3rd September – evangelists/friendly faces wanted even for just a half hour on the stall please
  • an evening with Chalfont St Giles Guides (tbc)


……….. also, I’d love to be making more headway with collecting and sharing tales (tall or otherwise) and pictures from days gone by.  (I learned the other day that a certain gentleman was in the habit of canoeing between his home on the outskirts of Chalfont St Giles and the  Merlins Cave pub!)


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