2009 – August – Your MRA needs you

It was again good to meet with a few friends tonight (6 in total + 7 sent apologies) but, inevitably, part of the discussion revolved around how to engage the silent majority!

Amongst other things it was suggested that people might like to have the ability to e-mail and/or phone each other  and we started a base list.  If you are happy to have your name, e-mail and/or phone number on a list which I will distribute as an Excel file to everyone who wants to be on it, please let me know and include your phone number as, in many cases, I only have the e-mail address.  I know that there are already a couple of sub-lists in existence covering the CStP weekday team etc and maybe this is a way to bring together some more groupings who find their availability suits better than the “organised” work parties.

While responding to the above, if not already done so, you could also let me know a)what you think about the idea of a social event b) if you expect to join the teams this weekend c) what would make MRA tick for you.

Anyway, it was good to hear Roger talking positively about possible sources of funding for addressing “the leaky bits” as Sandy calls them.

At present, numbers look very limited for this Saturday but Dave, Naomi and Di plus all comers – (only 4 of you so far) will kick off on Saturday 0930 by CSt P Community Centre and 1000 by CStG pond with a view to a) continuing the nettle clearance around the Vic Wotton bridge plus any other tidying b) continuing the gentle easing and forming a walking route downstream of CStG  towards the field c) if sufficient resource, some fairly rough re-clearing of the channel downstream from Mill Lane ford.

As always, if you would really prefer NOT to be on this circulation list, do let me know but, on the other hand, if you like to stay with us it would be good to know you are still there! …. and thanks to all those who have been in touch from time to time.  Your support is much valued.

I promise – no more mails for a couple of weeks at least!


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