2023 – August Aquatics

Lots to report again! 

While itself not as wet as July in 1991, 2008, or 2012, the 12 month total to end July this year was only matched in the past 30 years by the year ending July 2001.  That reflected the exceptionally wet season 2000 – 2001: many will remember the associated groundwater flooding.  I guess the difference is that much of the exceptional rain in 2000 fell during the recharge season, thus raising the groundwater levels, while this twelve month it has been much more spread with July’s merely watering the grass and reducing this soil moisture deficit.  As another tidbit of (interesting?) information, this 12 month total (825mm) is more than twice the year to end July of last year (409mm).
Anyway, the said rainfall and a series of work parties have enabled a trickle to reach past Cherry Acre though not yet to Water Hall.  Given the excellent stream at Chalfont St Giles, this can be seen as disappointing compared with similar conditions in say 2000 – 2005; 2010 – 2012; 2013 – 2017 etc when flows reached St Peter.  I think the issue clearly remains the superabundance of profuse, dense vegetation in the watercourse through a large field.  We are hoping to be able to work with the landowner and maybe other volunteer organisations to tackle this robustly.  Meanwhile, we have also been pleased to commence work with Amersham Town Council and some new volunteers in some work in the Old Town – to be continued.
Sarah Green MP visited the river at Chalfont St Peter to hear about the rapidly evolving plans for the Parish Council’s new bankside Nature Reserve.  You may know that Sarah is a keen supporter of Chalk Streams and is hoping to bring forward her private members bill for their protection again next year.  She was very interested in the notion of a suite of actions towards “Mending the Misbourne” with radical improvements particularly between Amersham and Chalfont Park.  Separately and in the short term, we are seeking remediation of an issue near Quarrendon Mill where there is outflow from the watercourse in the area of the recent work.
So, to the future.  First, a reminder of our “not-a-meeting” chat over a drink at The Greyhound, Chalfont St Peter, from 7.15 pm next Wednesday 30th August: your opportunity to learn a bit more about our work, to  help shape it, and to meet a few other supporters.  All welcome!
Second.  We look forward to seeing you on our stall at Chalfont St Giles Show on 2nd September.  Do come by for a chat and, if you can spare a half hour to help greet potential new volunteers, that would be great.
And so to Work Parties.  Depending on numbers, we have plenty to go at – still catching up from the pandemic break – through Old Amersham, from CStG Mill Lane to the village, bits in between, and subject to arrangements, below CStG.  While I won’t be available for all, let’s float the following:
  • Chalfont St Giles area : Saturday 9th September; Tuesday 19th September
  • Old Amersham: Wednesday 13th September, Saturday 16th September
If that seems a lot, please always remember no-one expects every member at every outing – if half our supporters were able to join us for just one work party a year, things would be very comfortable!  So, if you can help for a couple of hours on any of the above, please let me know which suits you – by email or using our WhatsApp group. 
Our WhatsApp Group is working well and growing.   Again, if you would like to join, please let me know.  And, if you would find a different day more convenient, we now have sufficient WhatsAppers that arranging an ad hoc team is definitely possible: just let everyone know and wait for replies!!