2017 – September Surprises

At the time of the last bulletin the rains at the beginning of August were lashing down and many disappointed holidaymakers have tales of wet days in the month. I was therefore surprised to receive the monthly groundwater levels for 1st September from David Anderson with a note to say that there had been a further fall in the month. David has been measuring every month for many years and his work is invaluable to our studies. You may recall the graph that showed the August readings were the lowest (for 1st August) in the last 10 years. I will save you from another graph, but the 1st September readings are again the lowest for 1st September. In practical terms, the river is now dry to the footbridge 200 yards or so upstream of Quarrendon Mill.

It was a surprise to receive a call regarding three dead trout just a bit over 6” long by the Jaguar Garage at Amersham. I had not known there was a colony there but apparently young hatch out near the bridge every year – these were probably several years old. I am sure they died from lack of oxygen in the remaining very shallow, slow stream and noted some nasty green algae in the muddy edges upstream.

Probably not a surprise but no-one has thought it worth having a work party this coming Wednesday morning – 13th – so we will call that one “Cancelled”.
On 23rd, I am now otherwise engaged in the morning but happy to run a general tidying session in the afternoon. Targets envisaged include some debris removal at Amersham, maybe check out the leat at Chalfont St Giles and some “gardening” at the usual spots in Chalfont St Peter. Could those who have already volunteered for the morning, please let me know if they can switch to the afternoon or if content to be self-sufficient in the morning. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from lots more of you who can join us in the afternoon.

Finally, don’t forget the Chalfont St Peter Village Action Group showcase event in the Parish Church Hall next Saturday 10.00 – 2.00.

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