2017 – August Arrived

So, August arrived together with copious rain to start the summer holidays; letters from Affinity Water advised of their concerns with regard to aquifer levels; and, of course, the river Misbourne dry from the lake in Chalfont Park to nearly as far as Quarrendon Mill. Rainfall in recent weeks has brought a little recovery and there is currently flow at least as far as Bottom House Farm Lane.

After the rains this month, many people are asking “How can this be?” The graph below, showing groundwater dip levels at various observation points on 1st August over the last ten years, shows the point that Affinity Water is making. Another way of looking at it is that in the year 19th August 2013 to 18th August 2014 Chalfont St Peter had 810.5mm of rain whereas in the year 19th August 2016 up to today there was 546.6 mm. ………… and a good portion of that has been since March so was immediately taken up by trees and vegetation.

We had two good outdoor sessions with the Cubs and Scouts at Chalfont St Peter in July clearing some “Fool’s Cress” and making remarkably good estimates of how much the river bed falls from Chalfont St Giles to Chalfont St Peter. (It is about 10 metres from 7m above sea level to 60m). As the river was dry, we were obviously unable to carry out the planned search for invertebrates (aka “creepy-crawlies”) and small fish. However, these were again very well demonstrated by Mel Barnett and Dorothie Jones with their live exhibits at our stand on Chalfont St Peter Feast Day. We are very grateful to them. It was good to see several of you during the day and pleasing to have some new volunteers and supporters join the ranks.

I think it is likely that flow through the Chalfonts will recommence during the autumn. It will be good if we can ensure there is a good, open channel to encourage it as far and as fast as possible. Having had a break, let’s start with a good turnout for a work party on Saturday 23rd September. For those of you who prefer a weekday, I am suggesting a 10.00 a.m. start on Wednesday 13th September. If you can join us either morning or afternoon on 23rd or morning on 13th, please let me know and I will send detail arrangements nearer the day. We’ll also look forward to seeing you for a drink and a chat at our first “not-a-meeting” for a while in the lounge area beside the restaurant of The Greyhound, CSP, at 7.45 pm on Thursday 21st September.

While on the subject of dates, the CSP Village Action Group, which includes MRA, is holding a Showcase Day for all the member groups with additional exhibits, refreshments and entertainments in the Parish Church Hall on 16th September 10.00am to 2.00pm. Do come along and, if you can do half an hour or so on our stand talking to interested parties, please get in touch. Finally, on dates, you may have started to receive Christmas enquiries: don’t forget MRA’s 10th Annual Dinner is on December 14th!

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