2017 – May Memo

2017 – May Memo


Rather than chuntering on about how little rain there has been in recent months, perhaps for a change we might look at how much worse it might be. The graph below shows how groundwater dip levels were even lower in dry spells in 1991, 1997, 2006 and 2012. In the 1991/92 episode, Shardeloes Lake dried up. Going back in time there was a drought in 1771 when Deep Mill stood idle and another in 1884 when the gap in the river between the Chalfonts is noted. And so it goes through the ages, records of dry spells and floods, memories of swimming in the river and photos of a dry bed by the pond at CSG, all confirming the variability of the Misbourne.
170501 Dips from 1992_1.jpg

Nevertheless, there seems little doubt that cherishing the watercourse from Amersham onward has made a difference to the ability of what water there is to find its way along the surface rather than sinking into the ground. As such, it remains pleasing and a bit of a surprise that flow is continuing, even under more challenging circumstances than in 2008/9 when flow ceased above CSG.

So, dates for more cherishing work parties:
Sunday 21st May morning and afternoon
Wednesday 14th June
Saturday 17th June morning and afternoon
Please let me know if you can join us on the 21st stating whether morning or afternoon (or both) and wader size if I don’t already have it.

And dates for talking about cherishing:
Thursday 15th June at 7.45pm at Merlin’s Cave, Chalfont St Giles
or join us at Chalfont St Peter Feast Day on Saturday 24th June (help on the stand always appreciated)

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