2015 – July (justabout!)

As we approach the end of July, R. Misbourne is still flowing all the way through the Chalfonts and on to Denham. As noted before, groundwater levels and rainfall in the last 12 & 6 month period has been very similar to 2011, when the river dried up in Chalfont St Peter on 31st July. It will be interesting to see the the end of month readings – recent rainy days won’t have any meaningful impact – and whether flow is sustained into September. IF (a big “if”), it continues through to autumn, that could possibly be a very exciting comment on your work.

Some of you may have seen the Pride of Bucks spread in the local papers a couple of weeks ago when MisbourneRiverAction secured the award in the Environmental Category sponsored by Trinity Mirror Group. As the blurb said, “many thanks to all those who have been soaking wet, filthy dirty, stung and scratched with us over the past 7 years” – it’s always fun and, as last month at Chalfont St Giles, very rewarding to see and hear how much the effort is appreciated.

We had a meeting last week to compare notes with BucksCC HS2 team prior to their petition to the parliamentary committee. Their remit has moved over the years from purely opposition to concentrating on seeking the very best possible mitigation of all risks and damage that could be caused if the project proceeds. MRA’s stance is similar and is particularly focused on seeking environmentally sensitive lining, as previously approved by the EA for the unsuccessful Lottery Funding application. Most importantly, we believe this is essential where the route crosses under the river under Chalfont St Giles – right in the most sensitive perched section. Secondarily, where the route runs close to the particularly vulnerable reaches of the CStG mill leat and by the Thames Water balancing tanks and, finally where the route crosses the A413 near Little Missenden – a non-perched zone so, perhaps, less likely to experience a change in nature.

For your diary:

a) We will be joining with a local company – Freemantle Media – on Thursday 19th August to work on the river immediately downstream of Town Mill in Old Amersham. We will be tackling where trees etc have got out of hand along the bank and footpath and will definitely need a good posse of MRA volunteers to work alongside.
b) While some good work was done at our last work party, attendance was again rather low so we were only able to complete part of the plan. We will have a weekday exercise on Tuesday 25th August to carry on through the woods below CStG.
c) Our next standard work party will be on the morning of 29th August from 09.30

Please let me know for which of the above we can look forward to seeing you. Remember, just an hour can make a lot of difference: 2 even more.

d) Also, please don’t forget to come and see us at Chalfont St Giles Show on September 5th. The invertebrate monitoring team will be providing a display of their activities complete with a selection of wriggling, creeping things for your amusement. Thanks to all who have already volunteered to cover an hour or so.

e) Finally, hoping for a pleasant evening, we will have our next “Not-a-Meeting” beside the river in the garden of the newly refurbished Merlin’s Cave at Chalfont St Peter on Tuesday 25th August.

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