2011 – September Scribblings

We will have to wait for official results of the Veolia augmentation trials but the lack of obvious effect at Chalfont St Peter has been disappointing to the optimists among us.   Writing last month, I noted that “the end” was moving past Water Hall  towards CStP but it never got much further than the wooden bridge and has oscillated around there ever since.  Flow within CSG has continued to appear to be more robust than before the trials started.  One thing I would like Veolia to try while experimenting is splitting the augmentation between CStG pumping station – just upstream of Mill Lane – and at Amersham, rather than all at the latter.  

The situation on the surface is actually very similar to last year.  To some degree I blame myself that flow does not extend further downstream as many people have remarked how overgrown is the section below CStG and through the fields and, if we had held our September work party (with a good attendance), who knows?  A further complication has been the temporary blocking of the flow just above Water Hall by cows which trampled down the farmer’s fence and river banks on their way to the apples in one of our supporter’s garden!   Below ground, despite August’s rains (179% of the long term average), groundwater levels are still at their lowest since 2006/7 with the water table at Bottom House Farm over 9m below the bed – perched flow indeed!


It was good to see a number of you at our stand at Chalfont St Giles show.  As usual, we received many general expressions of support and gratitude for all your hard work.  We were also delighted to sign up several new volunteers.


The CS committee continues to work hard on researches in preparation of a Heritage Lottery Fund application for the proposed lining.  Recognising that the Environment Agency have said they require a significant observation period after completion of the first section before endorsing another, it appears, disappointingly, that the application may have to target the London Road Dump section only.  If anyone would be able to help or advise with any of the following, or suggest someone, we’d love to hear from you: preparing outline pre-tender work plans and method statements; drafting contract documents; providing memories, tales and/or photos of the river in days gone by.


The invertebrate monitoring team have been out again and I will update their page on the website shortly. If anyone has any problems with, or suggestions for, the website, I’d welcome comments.


Our next Work Day is Saturday 8th October.  There is plenty to do and many hands will make light work and more fun – usual message “…..start 09.30 or to suit you, stay as long as you like: every little helps ….”  Please let me know if you expect to be able to join us and any preference for where, and I will put together a work schedule and send further details a couple of days before.  


Next Thursday 29th, we have a “Not a Meeting” – i.e. a generally river related chat and opportunity to plan for the 8th over a drink – at The Village Hall from 7.45 p.m.


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