2010 – September

2010 – September

Our three work groups last month were again very satisfied with what they achieved: channel clearing between Mill Lane and Chalfont St Giles till the water was so deep they could go no further!; tidying around the Stone Bridge in preparation for the Show and an excellent effort coaxing the leading edge all the way from the Tennis Courts (where we left it the month before)  through to the Community Centre Bridge at Chalfont St Peter.  Over the past couple of weeks, this limit has eased back a hundred yards or so but overall the extent of flow compared with a couple of years ago is quiet amazing – see graph below.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 23.57.22.png

It was also gratifying to find that the July clearance downstream of Chalfont St Giles had not been overgrown.

We enjoyed our day at the Chalfont St Giles Show and again received much support.  Thanks to the various helpers.  It was nice to chat with several of you who stopped by the stand and we were very pleased to sign up a good number of new contacts.

Looking back a bit, on the 20th August, we had a meeting with the Environment Agency in their offices at Hatfield.  Their main reason for the meeting appeared to be to obtain Chiltern Society comments on the recent “Fluvial Audit” by the consulting engineers, Jacobs,  but I think both “sides’ saw the opportunity for becoming more aligned.  We had some robust discussion regarding the proposals for localised remedial lining, which is still very much on our agenda and the meeting provided a useful chance to introduce the Environmental Impact Assessment scoping document which MRA/CS member Adrian Marsh has prepared to accompany the Planning Application.  We resolved to make a start with some of the studies and, in particular to assist EA by providing occasional survey data regarding the population of various larvae and creepy crawlies in the bed.  If you are interested in becoming trained (only takes a couple of hours) and getting involved in this work, please let me know (no need to say again, if you replied when I asked a couple of months ago,)

Our September “not a meeting” – (i.e. an informal drink and chat regarding matters river or not) is  this Thursday 16th at The Three Pigeons, from 7.45 p.m.   Our work party will be on Sunday 26th, as scheduled, starting at 09.30.   I’m not at all sure where and what we will be doing but, as always, I’d be grateful if you would let me know if you expect to be able to join us and, as always, even just an hour will be much appreciated.  Details nearer the day.  (The workday scheduled for October 30th is likely to be postponed to November 6th).

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