2010 – June News: THE SEQUEL

With half an eye towards those who may have a residual interest in World Cup football, and more particularly recognising the number of “regulars” who are on holiday next week, we have moved the next work party date again to Sunday 18th July.

While C St Peter readers may find it hard to believe, the river is still flowing so well at C St Giles that the choking weeds are causing real problems of flooding between the village bridges and immediately downstream. This will also be restricting the onward flow into the fields and if that dries up completely, we risk the bed cracking again.  (We think this year’s relatively good flow has quite a bit to do with the fact that it didn’t dry out last summer/autumn and hope that this year’s lubrication will lead to even better flow to Chalfont St Peter next year).  There is a substantial leak at the leat to be tackled and general maintenance through that section.  And, while lacking some water, there are several key points through Chalfont St Peter where attention will yield quick rewards.

So, in short, there is a huge amount we can be doing and a really good turnout is called for!  If you can only make one day this year, can I suggest that this is it? ……. and, as always, every little helps, so if you can only offer an hour or so, that will be very welcome.   If you expect to be able to join us, please let me know – it helps with organising tools and planning tasks etc.  

There isn’t much other news.  You may have noticed that the old substation compound by the Garden Centre at Chalfont St Peter has been substantially removed, which is great news.  We look forward to completion of that exercise when it may be that there will be something that MRA can do to maximise the benefit of this improvement to the riverside walk.   The “illegal” river crossing opposite Cherry Acre with its two restricting pipes has also been removed, which, for the river is more good news  …….. but is a bit of a nuisance for some walkers!

Once again – all hands for the 18th please!


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