2009 – July – Tomorrow 12th July

We (a few) had a good chat at Village Hall on Thursday and it was good to know there is still plenty of enthusiasm for our efforts and to hear of the general murmur of support from visitors to the stand at Feast of St Peter.  We must make sure we have a presence at the St Giles show on 5th September as well.
Apart from continuing with general tidying and easing and also supporting the Chiltern Society drive towards earliest possible treatment of leaking sections, we thought that key areas for our attention in the next few months would be:

  • Around and downstream of the Vic Wooton Bridge, particularly working with the Village EA group to remove the obsolete fence asap
  • Work with C St P Village council and Haywardens towards removal/resiting of the old compound asap
  • Initiate an accurate and up to date bed level survey
  • General cleaning between C St P precinct and Chiltern Hill
  • Work with residents backing onto the river from Woodside Close through to the A413 and across the roundabout to ensure flow is nor restricted
  • Continue to ensure the Chalfont St Giles Mill Leat and flow through the stretch downstream of the ford is optimised

For tomorrow:


  • Chalfont St Peter team to convene 10.00 a.m at Community Centre – probably one cohort to then despatch to Chiltern Hill
  • Chalfont St Giles team (both of you at present!!) to convene 10.00 a.m. by Stone Bridge – detail as my separate note to Karoline.


Further discussion with Roger Lerry of Chiltern Society this morning: he continues to be very optimistic that we have a significant movement forward towards the planned bed improvements.  



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