MRA Constitution


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1 Name

The name of the Group shall be:

Misbourne River Action

2 Aims

a. To maintain the River Misbourne so that it flows as regularly as possible from its source at Great Missenden to its confluence with the River Colne at Denham with particular attention to the section from Amersham to Chalfont Park, Chalfont St Peter

b. To record relevant data including, groundwater levels, flow records and rainfall and make this information available to the public

c. To seek to acquire photographic and other historical information regarding the River Misbourne and make it available to the public

d. To promote awareness of the physical characteristics and geology of the River Misbourne and chalk streams generally

e. To liaise with and/or monitor the activities of public bodies, companies and other organisations whose activities may affect the River Misbourne.

3 Powers

In order to achieve its aims the Group may:

a. Raise money

b. Open an imprest account within the overall bank accounts of the Chalfont St Peter Village Action Group

c. Take out insurance

d. Run work parties alleviating problem areas and tending the river bed and margins

e. Organise educational events for social groups, schools and others

f. Work with other similar groups and exchange information

g. Make representations about sustaining the River Misbourne to landowners, local councils and other organisations

h. Do anything that is lawful which will help it to fulfil its aims

4 Membership

a. Membership of the Group shall be open to any person over 18 or any organisation who is interested in helping the Group to achieve its aims and willing to abide by the rules of the Group. Any person expressing an interest in supporting the Group and registering contact details with the Officers shall be deemed to be a Member.

b. Membership shall be available to anyone without regard to gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual preference, religion, or belief.

c. Every individual member and each organisation shall have one vote at General Meetings.

d. The membership of any member may be terminated for good reason by the Management Committee, but the member has a right to be heard by the Management Committee before a final decision is made.

e. Each member organisation shall appoint a representative to attend meetings of the Group and notify the Group’s Secretary of that person’s name.


The Group will hold only that personal information which has been provided by members and is appropriate for the effective management of the Group. Members are free to restrict the information they provide but normally they will provide: names, town or postcode, phone number(s), email address, shoe size (for waders). Records will be kept of work parties attended.

The Officers will take reasonable steps to keep members’ information secure and it will not be shared with any third parties.

6 Management

a. The Group shall be administered by a Management Committee of the Officers and not more than 2 other members elected at the Group`s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

b. The Officers of the Management Committee shall be: the Chairperson, the Treasurer and the Secretary.

c. The Management Committee shall meet at least 3 times a year.

d. The Chairperson shall Chair all meetings of the Group.

e. The quorum for Management Committee meetings shall be 3 members.

f. Voting at Management Committee meetings shall be by show of hands. If there is a tied vote, then the Chairperson shall have a second vote.

g. The Management Committee may by a two-thirds majority vote and for a good and proper reason remove any Committee member, provided that person has the right to be heard before a final decision is made.

h. The Management Committee may appoint another member of the Group as a Committee member to fill a vacancy provided the maximum number is not exceeded.

7 Duties of the Officers

a. The duties of the Chairperson are to:

• chair meetings of the Committee and the Group

• represent the Group at functions/meetings that the Group has been invited to

• act as spokesperson for the Group when necessary

b. The duties of the Secretary are to:

• take and keep minutes of meetings

• prepare the agenda for meetings of the Committee and the Group in consultation with the Chairperson

• maintain the membership list

• deal with any formal correspondence

• collect and circulate any relevant information within the Group

c. The duties of the Treasurer are to:

• supervise the financial affairs of the Group

• keep proper accounts that show all monies collected and paid out by the Group

8 Finance

a. All money obtained by the Group shall be used only for the Group’s activities

b. No officer or member (or connected person) will be eligible for reimbursement of mileage or similar expenses.

c. No officer or member (or connected person) will be eligible for reimbursement of damage to personal clothing and equipment

d. Reimbursement for purchases of tools and similar items will be at net cost.

9 Insurances The Group shall maintain 3rd Party Liability insurance in respect of its activities.

10 Annual General Meeting

a. The Group shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the month of December

b. All members shall be given at least fourteen days’ notice of the AGM and shall be entitled to attend and vote. The quorum for an AGM shall be 5 members.

d. The business of the AGM shall include:

• Receiving a report from the Chairperson on the Group`s activities over the year

• receiving a report from the Treasurer on the finances of the Group

• electing a new Management Committee

• and considering any other matter as may be decided.

11 Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting may be called by the Management Committee or by any ten members to discuss an urgent matter. The Secretary shall give all members fourteen days’ notice of any Special General Meeting together with notice of the business to be discussed. All members shall be entitled to attend and vote.

12 Alterations to the Constitution

Any changes to this Constitution must be agreed by at least two-thirds of those members present and voting at any General Meeting.

13 Dissolution

The Group may be wound up at any time if agreed by two-thirds of those members present and voting at any General Meeting. In the event of winding up, any assets remaining after all debts have been paid shall be given to another Group with similar aims.

This constitution was adopted at a general meeting of the Group on


Signed by: Chairperson: