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1. Click on the attachment " GWL Observations.xls" below to download data and graphs from the monthly record of Borehole Dipping between "source" at Mobwell Pond (beside the Black Horse) and Chalfont St Peter. (If you like Excel, it is interesting to use simple functions to select, for instance, Octobers only, or to seek max or minima etc.)

2. Click on the attachment "Extent of Flows.xls" to download records of the extent of flow downstream from below the bridge on the A416 at Amersham (by Tesco car park) and of spring flow above Chalfont Park by date.

3. Click on the attachment "Rainfall Records..xlsx" below to download an analysis of the last 17 years' local rainfall records.

4. Click on the attachment "River Misbourne Geology Oct08.pdf" below to download a paper by Haydon W. Bailey B.Sc., Ph.D., FGS, C.Geol. presented to the Chiltern Society Rivers & Wetlands Group in 2008.  This fascinating paper includes reference to the formation of the modern Thames and the differing chalk types (porosities) in the Misbourne valley.

5. Click on the attachment "HS2 routes geological paper.pdf" below to download a paper by Haydon W. Bailey B.Sc., Ph.D., FGS, C.Geol. which places proposed routes for HS2 in a geological context and draws attention to his view of possible consequences for the River Misbourne.  

6. Click on the attachment "MRA Overview Slides.pdf" below to download an introductory presentation to Misbourne River Action.

7. Click on the attachment "The Misbourne Strikes Back: Advances 2007- 2013.doc" below to download notes of the ebbs and flows of the river downstream of Amersham during this period of recovery

8. Click on the attachment "Flow in the Misbourne 1993 - 2008.doc" below  to download a January 2009 paper by John Norris discussing characteristics and exceptions of Misbourne flow.


1. 221201 Observations.xlsx1.04 MB
2. 221201 Extent of Flow.xlsx59.54 KB
3. Rainfall records_1.xlsx314.91 KB
4. River Misbourne Geology Oct08.pdf589.08 KB
5. HS routes geological paper.pdf700.1 KB
6. MRA Overview Slides.pdf612.71 KB
7.THE MISBOURNE STRIKES BACK_Records March 2007 - April 2013.doc131.5 KB
8. Flow in the Misbourne 1993 - 2008.doc106.5 KB
River Misbourne - some questions answered.pdf9.93 MB